EB5 Capital Nominated for Two 2019 Economic Advancement Awards


We are proud to celebrate the nominations of EB5 Capital for the Regional Center of the Year Award and Angelique Brunner for the Lifetime Achievement Award. We have been nominated for two of the seven awards for Invest in the USA’s (IIUSA) 2019 Awards for Economic Advancement.

EB5 Capital has been a leader in the EB-5 industry for over a decade, with investors from 58 countries and a portfolio of over $600 M across 26 projects. In Washington, DC alone, EB5 Capital has exemplified the spirit of the program, by investing in 14 projects focused in three developing neighborhoods. Our staff of 35+ are proud of the work we have done around the country.

Angel Brunner continues to show excellence and leadership in the EB-5 industry. Her nomination underscores her commitment to the EB-5 program and its mission of developing under-resourced neighborhoods and creating U.S. jobs. Having been involved in the industry since 2006, Angel’s ‘investor-first’ philosophy is the reason why EB5 Capital is where it is today.

We are very excited about our nominations and look forward to joining our partners, friends, and peers on May 5th at the EB-5 Advocacy Conference & Industry Achievement Ceremony in Washington, DC.

My Word: Program has created jobs, it must be allowed to do so

Washington can be a tough place to read. Even so, there’s a policy debate at hand that I find puzzling.

We have a new president who has boldly promised to create 25 million jobs over the next decade and a conservative Congress deeply concerned with reducing the tax burden on the American people and addressing the national debt.

And yet there is a federal program on the books right now that answers all calls but faces possible expiration on the eve of the Trump administration’s 100-day mark.

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This visa program connected foreign investors to dozens of real estate projects. Is it doomed under Trump?

The Trump administration’s shifting policies on immigration and a variety of other concerns have prompted some to wonder what will become of EB-5.

The EB-5 program was created in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. The program allows foreign investors and their wives and unmarried children under 21 to obtain a green card and eventually become U.S. citizens in exchange for a $500,000 or $1 million investment in a commercial enterprise creating at least 10 jobs.

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Top regional center chief says Obama’s EB-5 tweaks would decimate program

Just before President Obama left office, the Department of Homeland Security proposed some serious rule changes to the EB-5 visa program, which awards green cards to foreign nationals investing in job-creating U.S. projects. The government currently gives out 10,000 of these visas a year, the overwhelming majority of them to Chinese investors investing in real estate development projects.

In the wake of a number of scandals related to fraudulent investment activity, dirty money, and skepticism about how many jobs the program really creates, the Obama administration proposed raising the minimum investment threshold to more than double what it is now, shallowing the pool of eligible investors.

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