Investor Spotlight: Eduardo Rovira Martinez del Campo

Since 2008, EB5 Capital’s team has had the privilege to frequently interact with a diverse and accomplished set of investors from 65 countries who have all decided to make the United States their new home. Every so often, through our Investor Spotlight Series, we enjoy taking the opportunity to feature some of our past clients and share their immigration experience with you. 

Our team met with Eduardo Rovira Martinez del Campo in Polanco, Mexico (the Beverly Hills of Mexico City), where we shared an authentic Oaxacan meal and hours of engaging conversation. Eduardo, an investor in our JF13 project, is a father of three, avid biker, tennis fan, and a highly successful (but still humble) CEO.

His infectious laugh and extensive knowledge of Mexican Mezcal charmed us. His passion for his country was inspiring and his professional accomplishments made us proud to be his Regional Center of choice. Eduardo is the CEO of one of the largest business process outsourcing companies in Latin America, Atención Telefonica.

Atención Telefonica offers high-quality, call center services, such as live responders, to large conglomerates in need of native English and Spanish-speaking support. His company’s 90 percent customer satisfaction rating has helped him grow his business throughout Mexico, expanding into five different locations with over 4,000 collaborators. His business has served well-known companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and Compaq. Find below some of the questions we asked in 2018:

What were the main reasons why you decided to immigrate to the United States? How would you summarize the process thus far?

There were three main reasons that motivated us to make the decision to move to the U.S. The first was the drive to explore and conquer the American market for our business process outsourcing services, the second was to learn a different culture and language, and the third was to live in a safer place for my family.

In the very beginning, the adjustment was really complicated. It took us one year just to understand how things work here, but after the second year we knew we wanted to stay here to give our children the opportunity to compete as equals with the rest of the world. Without citizenship, my children couldn’t work in the States or get access to scholarships.

Eduardo presenting at Atención Telefonica.

Tell us a little about your company, Atención Telefonica?

Atención Telefonica was founded in Mexico in 1995. The inspiration came from the need to offer young people the opportunity to work and keep studying… at that time there were no options for them.

Our corporate culture can be summarized in something really simple, our most important asset is our people. If my people are happy and well treated, the clients will be happy.

Eduardo takes a selfie on a tennis court.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs, specifically for other potential and past EB-5 investors who are thinking about starting a business in the United States?

My advice is to keep trying, work hard, be passionate and learn from your mistakes. You need to be resilient! For those considering coming to the US, it has to be a family project so first you need to be sure to have a nice environment.

With such a dynamic lifestyle, where is your favorite place to travel and why?

I travel very often, mainly to different cities in Mexico. I also frequently travel to Puerto Vallarta – we love our condo and speed boat there. Every year we make a big trip to another country in order to keep learning.

If you would like to connect with Eduardo to discuss his journey, or if you are one of our past investors and you’re interested in signing up for our Investor Spotlight Series, please contact us at

EB5 Capital Seeks Investments Associate

EB5 Capital is a dynamic, industry-leading investment company that specializes in raising foreign capital for real estate projects across the United States. We have investors from over 60 countries. We offer an entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment that is mission-oriented and results-driven. We celebrate the diversity of our clients and our team. If you are a talented and ambitious self-starter ready for the opportunity to directly impact a growing company with an international platform, EB5 Capital may have a role for you.

Job Summary

EB5 Capital seeks a motivated, self-starter to manage a portfolio of over two dozen preferred equity investments in real estate properties across the United States. The Investments Associate will be a key contributor in staying connected with company developer partners, securing asset operations reports, and serving as the primary player in recording and reporting detailed financial and asset performance data to the company, its staff and its clients. The selected candidate will be detailed oriented, intellectually curious, and have a penchant for excellence. The ideal candidate will have 1 to 3 years of commercial real estate underwriting or loan servicing experience.

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To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Patrick Rainey at

EB5 Capital Congratulates the Washington Nationals on Winning the 2019 World Series

Washington, DC – EB5 Capital is proud to join our neighbors and friends in the Washington, DC metro area in celebrating the Washington Nationals’ thrilling win of the 2019 World Series.

“Based in the DC metro area, our office is full of Nationals faithful and we’re excited about the energy the win of a Major League Baseball championship will bring to a city where we’ve done so much business and call home,” said Brian Ostar, EB5 Capital’s Senior VP of Global Operations.

In 2014, EB5 Capital invested in one of the first multifamily developments across the street from Nationals Stadium, Dock 79. It was a first in what has become a hub for multifamily offerings in that area of the District. EB5 Capital is also invested in another multifamily project located a short walking distance from the Nationals’ home stadium, 1900 Half Street. The firm has 15 total EB-5 projects located inside of the District of Columbia.

“We’ve made a concerted effort to support the economic development of this city and the area surrounding Nationals Park,” said Ostar. “This World Series win feels like a big win for our efforts too.”


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April 2019 Construction Update: 1900 Half Street

Our 1900 Half Street (JF24) project is continuing to reveal its intended design and concept. The unique shape of the structure is now in full view with the building’s waterfront views becoming more apparent.

“It’s become clear why Douglas Development selected this site to create this exciting multifamily housing project,” said Patrick Rainey, EB5 Capital’s Vice President of Investments. “The views residents will get from the south side of the building will be reminiscent of what you see on metro Miami shorelines.”

Take a look at some of what’s happening now on the construction site.