Who is Juline Kaleyias? 

Juline helps our clients successfully immigrate to the United States through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

The EB-5 program allows qualified foreign nationals to invest $900,000 in real estate projects in the U.S. to embark upon the process of securing a U.S. green card for them and their immediate family members.

Juline’s Story

Spending most of her life in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Juline’s academic background is in economics, international trade, and investment policy, with a focus on Chinese affairs.

Juline works with foreign investors from around the world and has traveled extensively both personally and in her role at EB5 Capital. Her international experiences have given her the ability to successfully navigate through cross-cultural communication challenges while earning the trust of her clients.

Why EB5 Capital?

EB5 Capital is one of the oldest U.S. government-approved Regional Centers and has clients from over 65 countries, a portfolio of over two dozen successful EB-5 projects, as well as capable staff members native to 11 countries from around the world.

EB5 Capital’s EB-5 projects have created over 35,000 EB-5 jobs and generated over 3 billion dollars in economic impact across the United States. Over the last decade, EB5 Capital has established a reputation of excellence in the industry and is experienced, diligent, and focused on clients’ needs.

Take Your First Steps in Learning About the EB-5 Program

Juline Kaleyias is the Director of Investor Relations at EB5 Capital. Juline works every day with clients and prospective clients to help them understand the EB-5 immigration process, from start to finish.

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