Investing in Shared Values and Indian Cuisine

EB5 Capital team members Juline and Anubhuti recently interviewed Rahul and Sahil to learn more about RASA and what drives them. 

RASA (for RAhul + SAhil) is a fast-casual Indian restaurant with multiple locations throughout Washington, DC metro area. Their first location was in DC’s Navy Yard neighborhood, where EB5 Capital has raised funds for three multifamily EB-5 projects totaling over $80 million.

EB5 Capital’s CEO, Angel Brunner, recently made a personal investment in Rahul and Sahil’s business (watch Angel make her first RASA bowl) contributing to the vision of diverse, global experiences inside of our company’s home city. 

RASA’s story is a story of childhood friends on the fast-track with careers in investment banking and management consulting, until one day, they hit the brakes, changed course, and followed their dream. Rahul and Sahil were introduced to restaurant ownership when their fathers (old friends from India) moved to the U.S. in the 1980s and opened their first restaurant together in Rockville, Maryland in 1991.  

Following in their fathers’ footsteps, they dreamt of opening their own Indian restaurant, but with one twist – to make Indian cuisine more accessible to Americans. After brief stints pursuing corporate careers in big cities, Rahul and Sahil opened their restaurant in 2017. 

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